Management & Advisory Team


Michael Harris

US Army (Ret)

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Karl Scott

US Army SF

Red-Ops Consulting collaborates with a highly experienced cabinet of advisors. These advisors come from the highest levels of the military and corporate arenas, giving Red-Ops the ability to utilize resources not readily available to many other organizations.

Technical Advisors


Chris Torelli

COL US Army SF (Ret)

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JR Oquendo
SGM US Army SF (Ret)

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Alan Olson
CIA Officer (Ret)

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Van Harp
FBI, AD,  D.C.  (Ret)

Contracts & Proposals

Contract Proposal and Management

DeWayne Hawkins
CPT US Air Force

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Jay Owen

Information Technologies

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Richard Botto
IT Security Specialist

Medical Oversight

Additional Information

Robert Dittmeier
M.D., F.A.C.E.P.

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Tom Craig
CSM US Army (Ret)